"Spinning Daydream"

by GarageSpin

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This song is about life-changing moments in time that send us spinning -- about facing challenges, embracing them, and overcoming them.


Spinning in a frenzy
All the world’s a blurry streak
Feel this carousel might save me
Sling shot me into next week

Inhale the roses
Get tangled in grapevines while you can
Make love to this moment
Engrave and lock it in your head
Let the hammering epiphany
Knock the wind out of your daydream

I’m sprinting with the wind
Until it sweeps me off my feet
Rotates me on all my axis
Pieces of my world rippin around me


I won’t fear the fall
I will break through the walls
I will embrace it all
And breathe, breathe in, breathe in my spinning daydream

Take one last deep breath
Flowers bloom and flowers die
Live like fire in a diamond
These times are burned into soul and mind



released October 24, 2006
Music, lyrics, recording, and mixing by Mike Bouteneff



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